THE LIFE OF A KIDDIE STROLLER: One day you're a pre-teen junior high school boy skating for fun, then you discover your dick, booze, and blunts. Before you know it, you're stripping for men on Skype and blowing dudes at the park. Gabriel has lots of "special" videos and pics at SPARROWS if you want to see more - and there's lots more to see...or RENT HIM and have the barely legal version in bed with you tonight.  

Oh you want us to show you a little of that special stuff Gabriel was doing online before he got caught sucking old guys at the park and was sent to juvie hall? Okay! SPARROWS loaned us a special look of their model...and now our escort of course. Hey, we don't mind sharing this hot nasty youngster. We share him, the gangsters shared him, and you can even share him with your friends. The little bitch has no say in the matter.

him to a boys detention center for a while. The pervy boy cruisers at Rooster Rock State Park lost their special boy, but they saved a lot of twenties at least.

Gabriel was placed in the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center for rehabilitation, but his full descent into boy whoredom came instead. The thugs in juvie hall moved in to mark their territory and Gabriel was quickly turnt out as their cell block bitch. Officially, he was branded as an 8 Deuce Mob BloodPunk and his ass was put to work earning goodies for his hard bodied, big black cock teen masters. 

block skills he learned serving the black alpha male gangbangers at a boys detention center. Oh, Gabriel will tell you that gangbangers love gangbanging.

Rejected by his family and now enslaved to the 8 Deuce Mob Bloods, as once you're branded you belong to them, Sister Snatch was whored out by the outside street gangsters. Shadid sent his branded whore right to his buddies on the outside and those holes were getting cash instead of candy bars. 

During a second stint in juvie, the teenboy was tatted and spent all his time taking it up his underage boy hole. He learned his trade in lock up and has brought his career to the streets, so you can enjoy a bad boy with all the nasty cell 

Gabriel will pop up in various city searches as he works the online Stroll there. Be sure to get him, while he's in your town before he's off to the next one looking for buyers of his young flesh. He no longer goes by the nickname Sister Snatch, as he considers himself all boy – just a working boy that opens his hole for men to use to get off.

PROFILE: Kiddie Stroller Gabriel works the Minnesota to NYC pipeline.

Sister Snatch kept the corn rows they forced on him during his second stint at lock up and the gang tats that identify him as the property of the 8 Deuce Mob Bloods.  After the second lock up, he went straight back to the tracks to do the Kiddie Stroll on the West Coast circuit of San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland, and all points in between. He's now gone renegade and working the Minnesota to NYC pipeline as an indie where he avoids the gang pimps he's supposed to be making money for. He's off the tracks and solely online now.

Gabriel considers himself straight, but open minded. At the age of fourteen he finally got busted giving blow jobs at Rooster Rock State Park trying to make a little pot money. (He told us he sucked at least a hundred cocks for cash between the ages of 12 and 14 before ever getting caught. In the pic to the right, Gabriel may or may not have a sixty-year-old man's cum in his mouth.) When a cop got a little too friendly patting his crotch down, Gabriel resisted and took a swing. So, they sent 


Sparrows Boy Model

Boy Hustle Escort

Kiddie Stroller

Normally, we only list escorts working exclusively with our service and who are considered part of our stable. However, in order to provide you with the best selection you can get, we've begun accepting independent listings. You will still book and pay through us, but the opportunity to enjoy some bad boy flesh is now available to you. 

To begin this new service, Boy Hustle is allowing listings from teenboys working the kiddie strolls on the circuits and down the pipelines across the country. We only allow those who are of majority age and have reputations we can check in order to assure their reliability. They may have at one time been trafficked when underage, but are now of consent age. We long avoided this area, but our client demand for them is strong. 

They are often away from their base cities working the renegade areas by listing themselves online. At times the kiddie strollers may be traveling with and under the supervision of a Romeo or Guerilla boss, but we only authorize client-escort interaction. You will not have to go through anyone but our service to engage the stroller.

Although most of our clients are not involved in any gang organization, at times we do have such seeking boys for the night to entertain whatever they have going on. Passing around young white boy pussy is a growing trend for many gangs. At times they are used as rewards or to sweeten whatever deals they have going on. For the escort's safety, we maintain a file of any past or present gang affiliation. We will not arrange any date where a boy has been branded by a Crip, Blood, or Loco unless they are being rented by members of the same gang set - or of course with no affiliation at all. For instance, if a stroller is branded as a Crip we will not rent them to anyone with a Blood or Loco affiliation.  These boys have physical brands - tats, scars, burns - that affiliate them with a specific gang. They cannot entertain anyone from an opposition gang. Their OG got them as kids and rented them out and unless they've gone renegade or paid an exit fee the gang retains ownership of them whatever their age.

Be assured, the kiddie strollers will never be a risk to you. You want boy hole, they want all works out. They're rougher around the edges, but still have those sweet smooth boy bodies you like. They aren't going to want to be marked as DNR's by us and lose future business, so just have fun with them. They're trained to provide full service without hassle. 

When strollers are in your city/town they will show up on your local
SEARCH. Be sure to book them while they're around. Each will have a local motel room for you to do incalls to.


Shadid named him Sister Snatch. The fourteen-year-old skinny kid learned to lose his gag reflex and enjoy those black shafts tearing up his boy cunnie. Candy bars sold for $1.10 in the commissary and it only took two of them to get full service out of Sister Snatch. After six months he was released from juvie.

Life at the age of twelve was a lot different than how things are now for Gabriel. He was a sweet kid in the Portland Oregon school system that loved soccer, cartoons, and masturbation. He soon discovered smoking weed was going to be another passion and he started hanging with the cool crowd. They showed him how to make some spare cash by posing naked for pedophiles and sometimes jacking them off. We can't show you the nude pics, but you can check out some of the near nudes at SPARROWS

They took the mostly straight boy and rented him out for candy bars - Shadid, his black guerilla pimp, loved Butterfingers. The hardened thugs made Gabriel wear frilly girl   panties,  sissy it up, and use grape Kool-Aid powder for eyeshadow and cherry Kool-Aid for lip stick. 

A rose tattoo on his hand signifies Gabriel is available for rent. Flowers are code for money in the whore biz. A red rose shows he's owned by the Bloods.  Spread wings means he's been gangbanged and his boy hole is always open for use for free by Bloods or for flowers from johns.  The teardrop signifies a stint in prison.